Detailed designs in the field of electrical and power engineering systems:

  • power distribution, power circuits, cable lines
  • lightning, surge protection systems
  • uninterruptible power supply systems
  • metering and billing systems
  • electrical installations in detached houses (including intelligent systems, power engineering certificates)

Detailed designs in the field of industrial automation:

  • control circuits
  • instrumentation circuits, DCS systems
  • control algorithms

Detailed designs in the field of power engineering networks and equipment:

  • transformer stations, network distribution boards (selection of safeguards, telemechanics systems)
  • renewable energy (wind turbines, water turbine plants, biogas plants)

Detailed designs in the field of building automation:

  • BMS systems, smart home

Building designs (including obtaining building permits, multi-discipline agreements, settlements of the Documentation Coordination Team – ZUD, CLDT) for comprehensive electrical, power engineering, automation, construction, health and technological documentation.

  • digitization of designs, technical documentation
  • development of cost estimates, bill of quantities
  • development of technical specifications
  • development of the conception and investment schedules
  • project architect’s supervision
  • Instrumentation and electrical designs of thermal power plants, boilers, steam and water boilers, among others WR 10,12,25 , WRp 12,24 OR16,32
  • Instrumentation and electrical designs of thermal power plants – including steam boilers, among others OP 140 , OP 230 ,
  • Instrumentation and electrical designs of thermal power plants – turbine sets,
  • Designs of instrumentation, electrical and control systems and supervision over the operation of heat units such as BC 50,
  • Instrumentation and electrical designs of non-unit facilities of the heat plant and heat power plant including ash and slag removal, coal handling, water treatment plants, pumping stations systems,
  • Designs of monitoring systems of water and sewage pumping stations technological parameters,
  • Modernization and reconstruction of 6 kV electrical switchgears,
  • Modernization and reconstruction of 15 kV electrical switchgears,
  • Designs of LV electrical switchgears on the hardware of different companies,
  • Designs of safeguard and telemechanics systems and MV and HV switching station,
  • Designs of instrumentation, electrical and control systems, and monitoring the operation of sewage treatment performed in a variety of technologies,
  • Designs of measurement systems and settlement of local wastewater and with remote transmission,
  • Designs of SCADA and DCS-class systems of heat plants, power plants, auxiliary facilities, wastewater treatment plants, process systems in a variety of industries,
  • Designs of emission monitoring,
  • Designs of monitoring of utilities consumption in industrial plants,
  • Designs of air conditioning and ventilation systems,
  • Designs of power supply,
  • Concepts of modernization and reconstruction of technological systems in various industries.
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