• installation of power supply systems, electrical systems, I&C systems, microprocessor control and supervision systems, monitoring systems, cable routes, LV and MV cabling


  • post-assembly tests, tests, calibrations, checks
  • electrical measurements of LV, MV equipment
  • I&C commissioning, process start-ups, UAR optimization of mains and process facilities


  • systems, production lines, industrial plants and their extensive maintenance


  • warranty and post-warranty service in the scope of I&C systems.
  • outsourcing of maintenance services at industrial plants
  • control checks of I&C systems (inverters, valves, gate valves, etc.)
  • checks of protections for 0.4kV, 6kV, 15kV, 110kV switchgear
  • checks of process protections of boilers, turbines
  • checks and calibrations of measuring equipment:
    – levels: radars, ultrasound, hydrostatic, vibratory, etc.
    – pressures: analogue transmitters, pressure switches, manometers, indicators, etc.
    – flows: ultrasound, electromagnetic, venturi, thermal, pressure
    – temperatures: resistance and thermocouple sensors, temperature transmitters,
    – flue gas analysers, overhaul
    – non-invasive flow measurement method
  • calibration certificates for multimeters, electrical meters, short circuit loop meters, resistance meters, etc.
  • carrying out special measurements on centre lines, pumps, fans and motors
  • supervision over instrumentation at external customers.
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