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Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Ełk uses the integrated data logging and control system made by APS S.A., in the modernized sewage treatment plant in Nowa Wies Ełcka.


PWiK E?kThe system includes the following sludge management systems:

  • mixed sludge pumping station
  • boiler room,
  • biogas tank,
  • desulphurization unit,
  • service building,
  • sludge dewatering station,
  • sludge hygienization station.

Application is based on a drivers of Telemechanique TSX Premium series and WizFactory package.

The system is aimed at improvement of work in the treatment plant, makes the acquisition of processing and archiving of data on work and the status of individual devices.
The system is equipped with an alarm mode notifying service on exceeding the minimum and maximum values of the measurements, failures of motors and pumps and other equipment.

The main task of the system is visualization of pumps, motors, fans, analog measurement values (pressure, level, temperature, density of wastewater) along with their transgressions and control actuators, valves and mixing units.
Data archiving module is responsible for the archiving of measurements of daily and monthly hours of work of equipment and the amount of energy produced.
Biogas-fueled power generators produce 60% of the electricity needed for operation of the facility. The investment was completed with the use of EU funds under the Phare Programme.

In 2010, as a consortium of companies Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A - REMEX we performed a comprehensive modernization of the sewage pumping station P2 in Ełk.

The scope of work included:
1. Control and supervision system of the pumping station built on the basis of SAIA PCD2 drivers and WIZCON visualization on the dispatch station of the PUMPING STATION P2 and in headquarters of PWiK in Ełk
2. Design and execution of the automation system with three levels of control
a. local
b. automatic from a driver
c. remote from the visualization system
3. Execution of four sewage flow measurement systems on pipelines DN400 - 2 pcs. and DN300 - 2 pcs.
4. Measurements of the level of raw sewage
5. Measurements of pressure on pipelines
6. Remote and local control systems of eight valves
7. Execution of pump control by means of inverters ACS 550
8. Wireless transmission system to the GPRS network
9. Modernization of 15KV switchgear - remote transmission of data


PWiK E?k


PWiK E?k


PWiK E?k


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