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The company Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. took part in installation of automatic devices in the Drying Room and generating units Station within the frameworks of the project "Modernization of Gas - Sediment Treatment Plant in Białystok.".


MPWiK Bia?ystok Another investment of APS S.A. is the supply, installation and commissioning of switchboards in distribution and transformer station Nn-0.4 kV No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 in the water intake in Jurowce.

The scope of work included:

  • execution of the technical design,
  • prefabrication of switching stations,
  • Delivery of switchgears with the parameters:
    • Equipped with PLC GE FANUC series Micro, interface Ethernet,
    • Rails to the operating current, 600A, 40kA short-circuit current 1s,
    • 1st field: power + bat. Capacitors,
    • The second field: high current outflowas and small take-overs
  • Commissioning of equipment, control and supervision system,
  • Communication over the protocol Modbus TCP/IP 100Mb/s via Modbus gateway RS485/422/Modbus,
  • Conducting performance tests,
  • Implementation of visualization and control of switching station elements together with the readout of network parameters from the PM on an existing InTouch 10.0 software,
  • Preparation of documentation, diagrams in EPLAN ELECTRIC P8,

APS S.A. also implemented the fiber optics arrangement and execution of the control and visualization of deep wells for water intake in Jurowce
The scope of work included:

  • Delivery of 11 pcs. switchboards with the following parameters:
    • Cabinet SAREL 850x640x300,
    • UPS,
  • The supply and setting of approximately 4300m optic fibres,
  • Execution of 3 main points of distribution,
  • Crossing over the main road E8 on the existing MV line,
  • Setting of 16 poles,
  • Communication by means of the protocol Modbus (RS485),
  • Execution of remote control of pumps in the Central Control Room with the PLC and InTouch 9.5 visualization software,
  • Visualization of parameters with safeguards (current measurement, the cause of exclusion, functioning of safeguards, malfunctions, remote settings, etc.), energy meter (measurement of energy by each pump), calculation of pump efficiency and energy intensity,
  • Execution of as-built documentation and reflectometer measurements, etc.


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