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Automatyka Pomiary Sterowanie S.A. participated in the second stage of the reconstruction of municipal wastewater treatment plant located in the village Rybienko Stare (municipality Wyszków), performing works from the electrical and instrumentation industry. The investor was Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. in Wyszków.


Oczyszczalnia Rybienko Stare The scope of work and tasks performed by APS S.A. included:

  • detailed design of electrical and instrumentation systems,
  • fabrication and installation of power distribution and power supply and control cabinets,
  • electric systems in administrative and process buildings
  • installation of the main 0.4 kV switchgear in the plant,
  • power and control systems of technological equipment,
  • microprocessor-based control and monitoring system,
  • process visualization in SCADA system,
  • process measurement systems
  • treatment plant monitoring system with archiving of recordings
  • execution of the synoptic board,
  • participation in commissioning the plant.

The implemented control, management, visualization, and reporting system enables and performs the following tasks:

  • control of the operation of the unit by switching on and off the drives, adjustment of roration speed of aeration blowers, sludge pumps, control for closing or opening of valves and control of devices in the mode of automatic adjustment,
  • visualization of various operating conditions such as: modes of drives, analog measurement values, alarms, are displayed on the operator's computer screen,
  • pre-setting the threshold values on a computer by the operator,
  • reporting and archiving of measurement data and alarms in the manner specified by the investor.

Expansion of wastewater treatment plants has enabled increasing the amount of treated wastewater and adjustment of sewage pollution indicators in accordance with the Regulations of the Minister of Environment dated 8 July 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 68, item 1763 as amended). The integrated control system provides uninterrupted and failure free operation of the sewage treatment plant. The reporting system provides the necessary billing data, balances and optimization of the plant.


Oczyszczalnia Rybienko Stare


Oczyszczalnia Rybienko Stare


Oczyszczalnia Rybienko Stare


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