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APS S.A. participated in Różan sewage treatment plant modernization works. Rózan Commune decided to upgrade the water treatment plant due to new environment protection requirements regarding reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in treated sewage and due to planned increase of plant’s capacity up to 1000m3/day.


Oczyszczalnia Ró?an APS S.A. delivered electric and Control & Measuring and Automation Equipment works.

The following electric works were performed under this project:

  • internal power supply lines,
  • electric installations in modernized buildings,
  • outdoor lighting,
  • control cabinets prefabrication.

In the Control & Measuring and Automation Equipment area the company delivered graphical control and data backup system. The automatic control system was developed basing on Schneider Twido controllers. 7-Technologies IGSS Scada System was used for graphical data presentation. Also 4 Twido controllers controlling individual technological centres, were used:Grate room controller – Main pumps station controllerBiological reactor controller – Sludge sanitation controller – The aforementioned controllers are interconnected by means of RS485 network with Modbus-RTU protocol support. The network Master controller is the Twido controller, which is installed at the command workstation and which controls the graphical status display board. This controller interfaces with a computer, which is responsible for graphical presentation of technological process. In addition to this, the computer also stores recorded values, records alarms and reports equipment operation time and readings of sewage and sludge meters.

All works were delivered on a live sewage treatment plant without disrupting the technological sewage treatment process.

Used to control the sanitation building’s ventilation system, to control the sludge thickener and to record sludge press and dewatered sludge sanitation systems’ operational statuses. the main task of this controller is to maintain pre-set oxygen concentrations inside the oxygen chamber. Air is supplied to the chamber through a set of three fans. These fans can be switched on and off directly from the network or by the frequency inverter. The output of fans is controlled by means of gradual adjustment of their rpm speed by the inverter.

Additional fans can be switched on when the controller deems that this is necessary to maintain the preset oxygen level. Additionally this controller controls also a sweeper arm in the secondary tank as well as internal, external and surplus sludge recirculation pumps. – responsible for controlling three sewage pumps in a way that ensures uniform load over time – this is accomplished by alternatively switching on and off several pumps.responsible for controlling: building’s ventilation, desander, air fan and grate status checking construction of a new switching station with a power metering system.


Oczyszczalnia Ró?an


Oczyszczalnia Ró?an


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