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Automation of modernised Sewage Treatment Plant in Grajewo is a classic example of an environment friendly project.


Oczyszczalnia Grajewo Firstly the flowing sewage is treated mechanically and then it is decomposed by oxygen bacteria strains. The quality of water leaving the plant is so good that it can be poured down to Elk river and consequently to Biebrza.

Works by APS S.A. included:

  • Development of control and measurement automation system
  • Development of wiring, steering and power installation
  • Delivery and assembling
  • Activating the software of the system of steering and visual viewing SCADA based on Monitor PRO suite and Schneider TSX Premium drive
  • Development of execution of a report module needed for daily, monthly and periodic analysis of correct facility functioning at the plant


Oczyszczalnia Grajewo


Oczyszczalnia Grajewo


Oczyszczalnia Grajewo


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