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Execution of the control system and automation and visualization system in the concrete maturing plant is an example of one of many innovative services provided by the company Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. (APS S.A.).


linia_produkcyjna_bloczkw_betonowychEfficient functioning of the high storage maturing plant allows the continued production of concrete elements products, and also provides a guarantee of stable parameters of products. Most companies produce similar products in the open air, thus it is difficult for them to maintain a stable quality.

As part of this investment, the company APS S.A. has completed: The scope of work performed by APS S.A. included:

    • complete design of concrete maturing plant automation,
    • supply and installation of prefabricated items
    • instrumentation systems,
    • driver software
    • visualization of the process,
    • start-up of devices of the control and supervision system.

The automation system is designed based on a centralized structure, using a dedicated controller by Siemens ET 200S series equipped with the CPU. Control of the system is carried out by an operator station located in the control room. Communication between the control cabinet takes place by connecting the drivers with Ethernet. The UPS cabinet is designed with an UPS from which all drivers are powered in other control and power cabinets, allowing to communicate in the event of any power failure.

In four control and power cabinets there are remote panels from Siemens with a communication module, which control the operation of each device in the respective chambers. Application of expansion panels placed up to 750 meters away from the CPU allows to avoid building of communication networks in the system that supports a large number of scattered signals. The devices installed within each chamber are: curtains, limit switches indicating the opening / closing of blinds, fans, circulation, fans, air recirculation dampers, water solenoid valves, chamber heaters. In addition, each chamber is provided with three sensors. The control system of the plant covers 8 chambers.

The advantages of the construction of precast concrete maturing plant are obvious. Through precise control of the maturation conditions, i.e. temperature and humidity are created the best conditions for obtaining high-quality concrete elements requiring a corresponding drying process.






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