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Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. carried out the modernization of the automation system for pressure measurements on production lines of beds and switch sleepers in the prestressed concrete production plant Track Tec S.A. in Suwałki.


schematThe purpose of modernization was implementation of data acquisition and measurement data filing systems, based on PLC and WinnCC server by SIEMENS. Specification of new equipment has been designed to further modernization works, which are to include the transfer of the entire system controlling the work operation of the process line within the systems for tension of the strings of railway beds and sleepers.

The purpose of the system is visualization and archiving of pressure measurements of stress on the lines of production of beds and sleepers from three jacks, two of which are stationary jacks (Jack A and Jack B) and Jack C is a mobile (carriage) device, placed in a carriage.Acquisition of measurements from Jack C is carried out based on wireless transmission system RAD-ISM-2400 by Phoenix-Contact operating in 2400 MHz band.In addition, the s ystem is to archive measurements from 8 newly-built hydraulic motors transmitters (4 sensors for each of the two stationary jacks).

Archived measurements form the basis of the information on which it is possible to detect the products with abnormal tension of reinforcement, which significantly contributes to the improvement of quality standards of manufactured sleepers and beds.In addition, the implemented measurement automation system due to the extended measurements processing interface on the operator's side, allows to to optimize the process of tension reinforcement in the future, through, inter alia correction of the course of tensile force, tightening torque of washers coming from hydraulic motors, which is important from the point of view of the ultimate strength of reinforcement tension.

As part of the work carried out in the automation cabinet was built on e.g. PLC series ET200S series by SIEMENS equipped with the CPU modules, digital and analog inputs and control panel.The operator panel is an industrial PC computer with WinCC flexible visualization software, which for the purposes of modernization acts as an operator's station for the current presentation and analysis of archived measurements.In a dedicated server cabinet is installed the SIMATIC RACK PC by SIEMENS equipped with WinCC visualization software package.

The controller determines based on analog and digital signals:

  • the maximum value of tension,
  • the value at which the tension was off,
  • occurrence of breaking the strings while stretching.

Registration of pressure runs and values calculated by the controller takes place in a dedicated database on the WinCC server. The production plant was equipped with an operator's panel retrieveing the data from the server and displaying it in a graphical form.Data can also be published on the Internet or in intranet.




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