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The company APS S.A. ( Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A.) has developed a project and then implemented the system measuring the quality and quantity of wastewater discharged from the enterprise „Polmos” Białystok S.A. to the municipal sewage network of the city of Białystok


Polmos Bia?ystokGuidelines for the requirements of the system were determined by "Wodociągi Białostockie."
In order to optimize the investment and operation costs, we selected measuring and storage equipment, which also meets the technical and measurement requirements of sewage recipient.

Measurement sensors have been built directly on the discharge manifold behind water pumps, and the measuring transmitters were equipped with a display of measured values with a computer for data collection in a measuring cabinet in a place, which is easily accessible for maintenance staff.

The measurement system includes the below measurements and equipment:

  • Measurement of the amount of wastewater realized on the basis of a calibrated electromagnetic flow meter DN 150 type MPP-04 A by ENKO a special design with accuracy of 0,25% for flow velocity 0,5 ... 10m / s. Flow sensor built into the measuring cabinet. The measurement data are transmitted from the flow meter to a computer system via RS 485 with protocol Modbus RTU.
  • PH measurement by E+H's based on a combination PH electrode with PTFE diaphragm resistant to dirt and the integrated Pt100 sensor for temperature measurement built-in directly on the pipeline in flow fittings dedicated specifically for this type of electrodes. The electrode is connected by means of a special cable with the measuring transmitter Transmitter along with the display was installed in a measuring cabinet. The signal of pH and temperature values from the transducer is transmitted to a computer in a standard 4-20mA.
  • Conductivity measurement of wastewater by E+H based on two-electrode conductometric cell built-in directly on the pipeline. Conductivity cell is connected by means of a special cable with the measuring transmitter. Transmitter along with the display was installed in a measuring cabinet. The signal value of conductivity from the transducer is transmitted to a computer in the
    standard 4-20mA.
  • Sampling station ISCO 6700 provide colletion of wastewater samples in case of exceeding the limit parameters of pH and conductivity set on the computer. It is connected by a hose to suction of the sample with a specially dedicated colletion system for pressure pipelines. Station equipment comprises of 24 polypropylene vessels with a capacity of 1000 ml each, filled in any order and quantity in accordance with the values entered in the station controller's program.
  • Data logger based Beckhoff computer with I/O analog and digital channels. The computer operates on the basis of the operating system Windows CE.

The PC is connected with the following parameters:

  • 1. measurement of wastewater pH
  • 2. measurement of wastewater temperature
  • 3. measurement of wastewater conductivity
  • 4. instantaneous flow rate of wastewater flow
  • 5. condition of totalizers for positive flow
  • 6. condition of totalizers for negative flow

The values of all the measured values are recorded in the module memory.  Registration takes place every 5 minutes. Registered values are stored in CSV files, which can be viewed in Excel. Files are created on a daily basis. The encoding of dates in the file name is as follows: POLMOS_yyyymmdd.CSV, where:

  • 1. yyyy - is the year
  • 2. mm - is the month
  • 3. dd - is the day

For example, in in a file with the name POLMOS_20101004.CSV there will be values registered on 4 October 2010. Data saved in CSV files are presented in form of a table that contains the following columns:

  • time- this column indicates the time required to register a sample in the format hours: minutes
  • totaliser balance "+" - registered totaliser balance for positive flow, accurate to 0,1 m3
  • totaliser balance "-" - registered totaliser balance for positive flow, accurate to 0,1 m3
  • instantaneous flow - recorded instantaneous flow, accurate to 0,1 m3 / h
  • ph - registered reaction of wastewater pH, accurate to 0,1 pH
  • ec - registered electrical conductivity of wastewater with an accuracy of 0,1 mS

Recorder module also serves as the detector of the following thresholds:

  • exceeding the pH limit value
  • exceeding the limit value of conductivity
  • exceeding the allowable temperature

In the event of exceeding the value of pH and conductivity, the computer module generates a signal to the sampling station in order to collect samples.
Remote data transmission and automatic notification system
All data stored on the CF card (Compact Flasch), which is a computer hard drive of Beckhoff computer, can be sent using a GSM (Fastrack) modem, using a data transmission system. Due to the low frequency of connections associated with collection of data, communication is based on the so-called dial-up connections. By means of the program using the AT commands it is possible to set the connections of two computers which allows the exploration of shared folders and collection of data files.
GSM (Satel) module was installed for notification of the occurrence of situations connected with the collection of samples by the station or in case of emergency. The module sends a voice message to specified telephone numbers on collection of a sample by the station. In the event of a failure in the sampling system an SMS message (text) is sent to a specified telephone number.


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