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The company Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. implemented an investment at the order of the company Biprokwas Kraków for ZAO "Polus", in a plant for production of sulfuric acid, for the purposes of melting gold ore in a gold mine in the town of Jeruda in Russia .


Zao_Polus_JerudaThe scope of work performed by APS S.A. included:

  • Delivery of electrical switchgears, automation and control systems and control and instrumentation equipment;
  • Supervision of the assembly;
  • Commissioning and hardware testing of the supplied automation systems and control cabinets;
  • Software of master boiler controller Siemens SIMMATIC S7-300, supervising the work of the entire technological system, control and automation;
  • Software of oil burner driver Siemens SIMMATIC S7-300;
  • Visualization of the entire technological process, measurement, automation and automatic control systems, using the operator station with software Wonderware InTouch 9.5;
  • Visualization of operation and control of oil burner by means of the operator panel by Siemens;
  • Supervision over commissioning and commissioning of the process instrumentation;
  • Supervision over commissioning and commissioning of control, automation and automatic control systems in the sulfur combustion technology and sulfuric acid production.

Technology for the production of sulfuric acid is based on combustion of liquid sulfur to obtain the sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3), which, in suitable proportions, temperature and humidity form sulfuric acid. Boiler equipped with oil burner and sulfur burner, group of exchangers, economizers, condensers and the circulation-mixing system constitute the entire production technology.









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