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Modernization of power supply and control the boiler drives WR5 No. 3 and 6 in Municipal Heat Supply Plant No. 1 in Kutno.

4Modernization of power supply and control was carried out by Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie SA at the order of the Heat Supply Company in Kutno and included the following scope of work:

  • execution of design of the modernized boiler circuits No. 3 and 6,
  • prefabrication of supply and control cabinets,
  • delivery of cabinets to the customer,
  • launch of the power measurement systems and control of individual drives.

Design of supply and control circuits was prepared on the basis of a design previously prepared by APS S.A. for modernization of power supply and control circuits of boiler No. 7 in this heat supply plant, investor's guidelines, technological findings and relevant standards and regulations.
The scope of the project included diagrams of supply circuits, power distribution, control and measurement. The project included deployment of cameras in the switchboard and on the facade, setting of equipment and cables.

Circuits of boiler drives are equipped with frequency converters with possibility of smooth speed adjustment, and exhaust fans were adapted to work with auto vacuum adjustment in the combustion chambers of boilers. Meters with measurements of boilers are designed on cabinets. For the most important measurements were set the thresholds with emergency light and sound alerting. The logics of boiler locks has been made on programmable controllers LOGO from Siemens.

Prefabrication of cabinets was carried out in the assembly plant of the company APS. After assembly, each cabinet has been subjected to post-assembly tests and trials, and Declarations of Conformity were issued and the CE mark has been granted.

Another investment of APS S.A. is modernization of power systems and control of the boiler house drives WR 5 No. 1 and 2 in the Heat Plant No. 1 in Kutno, ul. 10A Oporowska street.

The following works were performed within the frameworks of the task :

  • execution of technical project control and instrumentation equipment , control systems and  power supply of boilers WR5 No.1 and 2,
  • execution and delivery of the power supply and control cabinets,
  • delivery of control and measuring equipment
  • supervision over electrical installation and control and instrumentation equipment ,
  • participation in the launch of the boilers.




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