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Modernization of the automation system of the heating plant "Millennium" at the Municipal Heat Supply Company in Nowy Sącz.


MPEC Nowy S?czFollowing a tender conducted by the Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. in Nowy Sącz, the company Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. received an order for repair and modernization of automation in the heating plant "Millennium." The task was based on execution of a computerized control system and supervision of the modernized hydraulic system according to designs owned by the Investor.

"Millennium" heating plant is equipped with five boilers type WR10. Previously it worked on the classic hydraulic system. The essence of modernization was the separation of the circuit and boiler networks. Each boiler was equipped with individual inverter-controlled boiler circulation pump, and a reserve pump. Hot mixing unit of each boiler was equipped with a three-way valve, and traditional system with mixing pumps was abandoned.

Modernization of the hydraulic system forced the need for unconventional approaches to issues connected with control and adjustment, performed by the implemented computer system.

Control level of the system was based on the GE FANUC unit, PLC type RX3i with the main processor CPU310, communication processor and I/O modules and a set of remote VersaMax I/O. The controller communicates with a remote set of I/O and operator-layer devices via an Ethernet network Category 5
Controlling devices from the computer system (automatically or by the operator) is the fundamental mode of the heating plant. In order to ensure reliability and continuity of the movement, redundant control in local mode was made using the keypads mounted on rack elevations: instrumentation and supply-control of pumps. Local control circuits do not  use the controller's signals.

Modernization of the hydraulic system in the heating plant "Millennium" in Nowy Sącz and use of microprocessor control and supervision system allowed for a wide range of process automation. Automatic control system ensures the stable operation of the boiler at various loads, adapted to the changing parameters of the heating network. They provide good quality of production (correct parameters of heat supply network) and optimize the operation of devices, giving the economic effects such as electricity savings, thanks to use of inverters to control pump efficiency.

Another work performed by APS S.A. was modernization of the automation system of electrical system in heat supply plant Millennium in Nowy Sacz.

The scope of work included:

  • development of a complete design documentation including the necessary arrangements,
  • delivery of equipment, electrical measuring and computer equipment, fittings and other materials of the system, including control cabinets, along with manuals and certificates,
  • execution of an application for the above tasks based on existing software and communication protocol
  • technological start-up along with training of staff - to achieve the assumed parameters,
  • complementation of the existing operational instructions with the performed changes and to providing as-built documentation,
  • supervision over the entire works.

In addition, APS S.A. designed, executed and delivered the electric switchgear to the pumping station of the boiler room Milenium I in Nowy Sącz "
The scope of work included:

  • execution of the technical design,
  • completion of equipment and materials,
  • prefabrication of the switching station,
  • check-up, issue of CE Certificate
  • delivery of the switching station.


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