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The company Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. has completed automation systems in Ciepłowna Zachód MPEC Sp. z o.o. in  Białystok on boilers WRP 46 No. 4 and 5, as well as general boiler part, electrical system, desulfurization system in boiler WR-25 No. 1, 2 and 3.


MPEC Bia?ystokDesulfurization plant, based on the so-called wet magnesium method, is the largest such system in Poland. The company APS S.A. designed and implemented the control and visualization system for this process.
The wet magnesium method developed at the Warsaw University of Technology is characterized so calcined magnesite is used as the sorbent and ultimately we obtain crystalline magnesium sulfate, i.e bitter salt.

Key features of this method are:

  • adaptation to the gas desulfurization from any source
  • the final product is magnesium sulfate - mineral fertilizer
  • no waste
  • high efficiency - 95%
  • low level of funding
  • use of original Polish technology
  • environmental protection

The microprocessor control and visualization system for this process is based on the S9000 series controller and visualization system SCAN 3000 by Honeywell.
The system uses, inter alia, the S9100e driver with basic cassette and one extending cassette. The controller and with the extending cassette is placed in a RITTAL cabinet in the control room in the building of the desulfurization unit.

The application allows for:

  • visualization of technological processes
  • registration of measured values
  • control in automatic of technological processes
  • control in manual mode of flaps on the exhaust ducts
  • diagnostics of drives, archiving and reporting

Visualization system consists of about 30 visualization masks. Basic technological masks present schematic desulfurization processes and most of the analog measurements in a digital and columnar format. They allow the operator to control the selected drives and systems, and change of the mode of their work.
The control system implemented on the basis of EXPERION PKS is a modern solution used in DCS configurations, and meets the requirements of SCADA systems.
According to Investor's opinion, the following advantages of the system are noteworthy:

  • easy access to the requested parameters, access to all the required processes from each operator station, diverse levels of access,
  • safe operation of the heating plant thanks to use of locks and safeguards
  • redundancy of the system
  • the ability to display arbitrary measurement points in any time  interval,
  • traceability of operation of the heating plant thanks to operator, system events and alarms registered on an ongoing basis,
  • optimization of operation of the heating plant and improvement of movement through the use of automatic control systems,
  • possible configuration of reports and trends from the user level,
  • the possibility of engineering supervision of the system thanks to the pre-installed utility programs on the server.

In 2006, the company APS S.A. modernized in the heating station MPEC in Bialystok the control and instrumentation equipment and electrical system of the boiler WR-25 No. 2 The scope of work included:

  • technical design,
  • the installation and programming works in scope of the microprocessor supervision and control system
  • commissioning of control systems and control and instrumentation equipment.

In 2009, APS S.A. modernized the control and instrumentation equipment and electrical installation of the boiler WR-25 No. 1 The scope of work included:

  • technical design,
  • microprocessor control and supervision - installation and software,
  • start-up of control systems and control and instrumentation equipment .

In 2010, APS S.A. exchanged the system into a new version of software Experion PKS DCS. The works included an exchange of drivers and computers on boilers No. 4, of the general boiler part and electrical part.


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