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Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A. participated in modernization of the coal handling system in the heat and power plant Siekierki in Warsaw in instrumentation and electrical branch.



20101109100The scope of work performed by APS S.A. as part of the task:

  • modernization of the existing 0.4 kV RNW4 and RNW3 electrical distribution boards and replacement of the old distribution boards with devices type RNM-2 manufactured by Elektrobudowa S.A.
  • replacement of 6 kV power line ca. 1100m long,
  • modernization of lighting ROT3 switching station and replacement of outdoor lighting poles,
  • delivery and installation of the container with distribution board feeding the process equipment
  • furnishing the installation with DC circuits 220 VDC and guaranteed voltage 230VAC based on the device of MEDCOM: chargers type ZB220DC150S and uninterruptible power supplies type FPM8Z with static switches SS8,
  • integration of new devices to a host system SYNDIS,
  • fabrication and assembly of flyover for laying of cables feeding the belt conveyor -T2/II and stacker-reclaimer ŁZ2,
  • installation of electrical systems for transport equipment and electrical installations in new dump buildings No. 2 and No. 5 and the service slots along the belt conveyor T2/II,
  • installation of instrumentation on a belt conveyor T2/II,
  • adjustment of the process system control SIMATIC PCS7 to the needs of new devices, integration into the existing system of the stacker-reclaimer ?Z2 and belt conveyor T2/II,
  • start-up and supervision during the test run of transport equipment,
  • preparation of as-built documentation.

Digital system used to automate the carburizing process in Siekierki power plant is based on a process control system SIMATIC PCS7 by Siemens after the modernization of belt conveyor T2/II, control is realized by the operator from the control room of carburizing. This solution meets the high requirements of the Investor, also has the effect of increasing the safety of personnel and equipment and rationalizing costs.








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