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Automatyka-Pomiary-Sterowanie S.A modernized the turbo-unit T6 in EC Elbląg.


Elektrociep?ownia Elbl?gThe scope of work performed by APS S.A. included:

  1. Delivery of the microprocessor control system of the turbine set and auxiliary equipment.
  2. Complex exchange of control and instrumentation equipment in the turbine set.
  3. Complete replacement of electricity (switching stations, wiring, control circuits, auxiliary drive safeguards)
  4. Software and start-up of the visualization system, control and safeguards based on the software pack iFix version 3,5 PL and drivers series 90-30 by GE FANUC.
  5. Comprehensive exchange of electric dafeguards of the turbine set generator T6
  6. Development and delivery of a visualization program for the operator stations of electricity.

The installed SCADA system provides a comprehensive service in scope of control of turbine set No. 6, together with auxiliary equipment in EC Elblag, in particular: monitoring and process control, collection and sharing of current and past process data in form of trends and summary tables, diagnosis of faults based on Integrated alarm functions.
T6 turbine set modernization in EC Elbląg is an example of a good investment made by APS S.A. for the most demanding industry, i.e. power engineering.

Another investment in EC Elbląg was modernization of safeguards on generator No. 5

The scope of works included:

  • completion of deliveries,
  • dismantling,
  • execution of precast panels, cabinet safeguards, racks for safeguards
  • object assembly
  • functional tests of safeguards after modernization,
  • research and post-assembly and functional testing of the synchronization layout
  • execution of tests with current and primary voltage together with synchronization tests of a block with the network,
  • participation in a test run.

New safeguards of the generator were based on digital units CZAZGTM. Modernized safeguards of the generator have been incorporated into the microprocessor control system and supervision performed by employees of EC Elbląg.


Elektrociep?ownia Elbl?g

Elektrociep?ownia Elbl?g

Elektrociep?ownia Elbl?g


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