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We offer low voltage switchgears for distribution of electricity and protection of electrical equipment in the power engineering and industry against short circuits and overloads (e.g. in transformer stations), as well as utilitarian objects. Currently offered by APS S.A. LV switchgears in this area produced by renowned domestic and foreign companies cooperating with us.

Because of their purpose, switchgears are characterized by a firm structure with high rigidity, and also the relatively small size.


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Switchgears offered in this area typically consist of the following fields (units): supply, drainage, and (optionally) - measuring. In these fields can be used (depending on customer's requirements) equipment from reputable European and domestic companies: Apator S.A., Elektromontaż Katowice, Jean Mueller, Efen, Schneider, ABB, Contactplasma, Siemens.

In power supply fields are used disconnectors (with optional transformer fuse protection), the most common types: R-1250 (Elektromontaż), Sirco 1250, INP-1250/1600a (Contactplasma), OETL1250A (ABB), RA-1250, RWS-1250A (Apator S.A.), SALT1250/1600A (Jean Mueller).

In outflow fields are used rail disconnectors in current groups: 00 to 4 (160A - 630A), the most common types: ARS (Apator S.A.), SL (Jean Mueller), NSL (EFEN), NH (Schneider), 3NJ4 ( Siemens).

Outflow cable connections are made at the lower part of the switchboard. In additional (optional) fields it is possible to install measuring devices which carry out additional functions, e.g. current and voltage measuring, half the indirect energy measurement, lighting of the area.

Switchgears can cooperate with low voltage networks: TN-S, TN-C, TN-CS.

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