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In 25 years, thanks to the unique strategy and continuous expansion of its offer with innovative services in the field of industrial automation and electrical works, APS has become one of the national leaders in these industries.

Operated for over 25 years
APS - Automatyka Pomiary Sterowanie
System Certyfication - ISO 9001

Starting from the operation of Elektrociepłownia Białystok S.A., which is still the company's largest customer, APS each year entered new markets, offering an ever wider range of services. Within 20 years of the Company's activities, we moved into our new headquarters, expanded the production and assembly hall and design office, which allowed us to enter into another, innovative sectors.

New Connect

As the first company in Podlasie region we debuted on the WSE alternative market - NewConnect, addressed to the dynamic, innovative companies.

Pracownicy - APS
ul. A. Mickiewicza 95F 15-257 Białystok
tel. +48 (85)74 83 400
fax: +48 (85) 74 83 419